D. Gabrielle Jensen

D. Gabrielle Jensen is an artist of many mediums but words have always been her strongest passion.

Born and reared in the rural mountains of Colorado, she has always felt drawn to bigger things, feeling far more at home in the chaos and commotion of a city than the serene quiet of a small town. Small towns, she laments, make her feel anxious and claustrophobic.

A traditional Bachelor's degree education in English and Creative Writing from Colorado State University-Pueblo led to more than a decade as a freelance web content creator, music reviewer, and author, for a variety of publications, including an eight year stint as owner and chief editor of a speculative fiction magazine and the self-publication of a collection of short stories and poetry (Out of print, in revision for second edition release).

When she is not writing - which is most of the time, even if she is not near her keyboard or holding a pencil - she is bringing art to the world through cosmetology, jewelry design, photography, and the occasional spare pencil sketch. Music drifts into every aspect of her life, even if not in the creation of, it is always playing, always inspiring.

She loves things that begin with the letter "C" - coffee, cats, conversation, cities, concerts, crowds, chaos - and things that don't - airports, traveling, other humans, macro photography, urban decay, macro photography of urban decay, the beauty of flaw.

Meyers-Briggs: ENFJ-A
Western Astrology: Scorpio
Eastern Astrology: Monkey

Hair: Half black, half pink, full Mohawk
Eyes: Green

No known allergies

Frenetic Lines

is a collection of thirty slam-style poems about love, loss, abuse, the ugliness of the world juxtaposed against the beauty in broken things.

Available on Amazon Kindle and paperback.