D. Gabrielle Jensen was born and reared in the rural mountains of Colorado but she has asphalt in her veins, feeling a lifelong call to the city, any city, to chaos and noise, to steel and glass. It is for that reason her characters all make their homes in a city. Urban fantasy became the genre that made the most sense, mixing fantastical and paranormal elements with the cityscapes she loves.

In addition to urban fantasy, D. Gabrielle also lends her voice to startling pulp horror and gritty, raw slam poetry, including Amazon Top 20 Best Seller Battle Magic: Punk Rock Poetry. She is working to grow her collection of short stories as she prepares to release her first trilogy of novels.

She loves things that begin with the letter "C" - coffee, cats, cities, conversation, concerts - and things that don't - airports, macro photography, urban decay, macro photography of urban decay, and the beauty of flaw.