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Fia Drake Soul Hunter

Book one, Drummers and Demons


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He followed her in--and now he's dead.


Small but fiery, Fia Drake is a natural when it comes to hunting the souls of the damned. Trained in a convent to wield a crossbow with frightening efficiency, her routine is clear-cut and effective: track target, neutralize, find live music and a sexy stranger, rinse and repeat.


Tedious? Maybe. But it's safe. It helps her keep a healthy distance from others. Whether it's blood on her hands or muddled emotions, if there's one thing Fia doesn't want, it's messiness.


But humans are messy--and demons are worse. When unknown enemies and allies start appearing on her jobs, Fia is forced to get up close and personal. In doing so, she makes two mistakes.


Mistake #1

She takes her mind off her target and it almost costs her life.


Mistake #2

Her thoughts keep returning to a mysterious chivalrous drummer she sent packing after a night of fun. It dredges up her turbulent past, forcing her to face her inner demons


Will her connections to the drummer and demons be her salvation--or a one-way ticket to hell?

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Published 2020 by Balance of Seven, LLC

Edited by Tod Tinker

Cover art by Adam E. Mathews

Book two, Whiskey and Ink


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List price $17

Autographed paperback: $20




Convents, crossbows, and creeps-all in a day's work when it comes to hunting damned souls. Quick-witted and always on the go, Fia Drake's whole life has revolved around independence.

Now that independence is being threatened. First it was a fiery phoenix breaking through her window. Now, it's a shimmering, winged being beckoning her back to the community she left in her teens. Worse yet, she is asked to become a mentor to a new generation of soul hunters.

If it were up to her, she would just skip town.

Unfortunately, two complications prevent her from leaving:

Complication #1:

A message from the tarot reveals someone close is plotting against her, and the best way to uncover a traitor is to stand by their side.

Complication #2:

The drummer in her bed isn't going away. Max Hawkins, her unrelenting knight in scuffed sneakers, refuses to let her fight alone.

With a shot of liquid courage and a blessed tattoo, can Fia work out who's hunting her-or will it all end in flames?

Published 2021 by Balance of Seven, LLC

Edited by Tod Tinker

Cover art by Adam E. Mathews

Book three, Rage and Release

R&R book.png

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List Price: $17

Autographed copy: $20



Concertgoer, soul hunter, fiery redhead, wielder of weapons and wit: Fia Drake is many, many things. One thing she is not? Helpless.

But when demons separate her and her low-key love interest, Max Hawkins, she is powerless to prevent them from torturing him—or worse.

Fighting her way through the city’s underbelly with grit and fire, Fia is painfully aware that the clock is ticking. And apart from Max’s well-being, she has two other major problems on her plate.

Problem #1

She’s got a traitor on her tail, and she still can’t pin down who it is.

Problem #2

A deal with a boss demon threatens to turn sour if she can’t keep her head in the game.
In this energetic and explosive conclusion to the Fia Drake, Soul Hunter Series, every second counts. She must ensure Max’s release, find her traitor, and keep up her end of the demon bargain—all while keeping her rage in check. Can Fia gain the advantage in time—or will her hands be shackled for eternity?

Published 2021 by Balance of Seven, LLC

Edited by Tod Tinker

Cover art by Adam E. Mathews

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