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Work in Progress
In Vega Veritas

Working series title

Abby Vega is a private investigator and part-time bartender. She is also a cambion, the offspring of a human and a demon. In Vega Veritas (working title) is a collection of stories about the supernatural cases she encounters a mile above the ocean shores. The first book of the series centers around a rash of thefts within the music community of Denver—Someone is stealing musicians instruments and gear almost right out of their hands. 

Important notes for fans of urban fantasy:

In Vega Veritas is an urban fantasy series set up in a monster-of-the-week format where Abby Vega is facing a new, unrelated challenge in each new book. Details of her personal life will carry throughout the series and may create mild confusion if read out of order but the core story of each book will stand primarily on its own.

It is an open magic system meaning magic and the supernatural are as visible as humans are accepting of them. For the most part, this means humans choose to ignore that which they cannot explain. 

I choose to work with lesser known supernaturals. You will encounter some shifters and likely a vampire or two as they are popular, but this is not a shifter series and it is not a vampire series. Thank you for understanding.

The Seven Realms

Key points of world building as well as an alternative potential series title

The Abby Vega series is built upon seven realms of creation.

The First Realm is the realm of creation. This is where you would find common creators like Gaia or Tiamat, Isis and Osiris.

The Second Realm is the ancient beings, pre-divinity. The Greek Titans are among the beings in this realm which is believed to be mostly extinct.

The Third Realm consists of the gods and goddesses, angels, demons, all we consider now to be divinity or the pantheon. This is Abby's father's realm and hers by extension as a half human hybrid.

The Fourth Realm, the Faerie Realm is potentially the most populous and most diverse including everything ranging from pixies, brownies, and sprites, up to the High Faerie courts.

The Fifth Realm is the realm of mortals; humans and animals alike. After creating mortality, the Creator gave dominion over humans to the Third Realm and dominion over animals to the Fourth Realm and this eventually created a rift between them. That rift will be central to Abby's story.

The gods and goddesses of the Third Realm created the monsters of the Sixth Realm to attempt to control the free will given to their humans. And while the Sixth Realm was created by the gods to instill fear into humans, the Seventh Realm was created by humans to instill fear into each other. 

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